Top Hedge Fund Managers to discuss Green and Sustainable investment strategies

March 19th, 2010
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On March 24th, the Wall Street Green Trading Summit in New York will feature a panel discussion about “How Green Hedge Funds Execute Their Strategies.” The founder of the Wall Street Green Trading Summit, Peter Fusaro, will moderate the session, which will include leading managers from Passport Capital, PCE Investors and CF-Partners, among others. Mr. Fusaro is the Chairman of Global Change Associates, and is a thought leader in the alternative energy industry.

The Green Hedge Fund session will cover a series of different topics related to emerging alternative and green hedge fund strategies. The topics and participating hedge fund managers are listed below.

Walther Lovato, a Portfolio Manager from Passport Capital LLC, will provide his insights on “Alternative Energy Strategies.” Passport Capital is a San Francisco-based hedge fund manager with assets under management of approximately $2.7 billion. The multi-strategy firm, which was founded in 2000 by John Burbank, invests globally using a research-intensive, fundamental value approach.

Steve Brosnan of Cumulus Fund will discuss “Weather Derivatives as a Climate Change Strategy.” In his role as Commercial Director and Head of Risk for the Cumulus Funds at London-based PCE Investors, Mr. Brosnan co-manages the Cumulus Fahrenheit and the Cumulus Energy Fund. Both funds involve the direct application of weather derivatives to different markets.

William S. Brennan, Managing Principal of Brennan Investment Partners, will discuss “Water Markets and Funds Strategy.” Mr. Brennan’s firm was founded in 2008 and focuses on sustainability issues within the global water infrastructure and natural resources sectors.

A discussion of Forestry and Biodiversity opportunities will be led by Radha Kuppali, who is the Director of New Forests Inc. Ms. Kuppali focuses on investments opportunities in ecological products and forest-friendly endeavors.

Thomas Rassmuson, co-founder of CF-Partners, a carbon-focused environmental and investment advisory firm, will discuss “Carbon Trading Funds.”

Chief Investment Officer of Marvista Management, Jeffery Cianci, will lead a discussion of “Publics and Privates as a Strategy.” Marvista Management manages the Green Science Partners fund, which focuses on green and renewable technologies.

Abigail Laufer, the CEO of Virid Capital Management, will end the session with a discussion of “Long/Short Cleantech Equities.” Virid Capital’s investment efforts focus on the public cleantech sector.

The Wall Street Green Trading Summit will include a series of panels covering a range of green and sustainable market related topics. Some of the other notable sessions include “Building Blocks for Green Trading / Market Liquidity,” “Leading Insights into the New Terrain in DC on Carbon,” “What's Hot in Renewable Energy Trading, ”“The Next Nexus: Cleantech and Emissions Trading” and “Environmental Finance Technology Infrastructure.” For complete information about the event, please visit or call 1-888-435-2632.
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Related People: Abigail Laufer; Andrew Seligson; Daniel Aboyan; Edward Bozaan; Ejnar Knudsen*; Florence Eid*; Geoffrey R. Morrissett; Jeffery Cianci; Jim Cunningham; John Burbank III; John Moran; John Woodberry*; Neil Adshead*; Richard Michalowski; Seth Spaldingl; Shirley Eckman; Walther Lovato; William S. Brennan
Related Entities: Ardour Capital; Kinetics Water Infrastructure Fund ; Marvista Holdings*; Marvista Managament; New Centurion Capital Partners LLC; Brennan Investment Partners; Green Science Partners LP; Passport Capital Rig; Passport Energy; Passport Europe Ltd; Passport India Investments; Passport Management; Passport Master; Passport Materials; Passport Special Opportunities; Virid Eco Fund
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