The Extraordinary Events in the Middle East and the Coming Global Tsunami

March 1st, 2011
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Contributed by: The Global Intelligence Report
The extraordinary events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are the initial high tides of an eventual tsunami that will impact the world that globalists have so fervently promoted for decades, in ways not necessarily to their liking. The first wave has struck and is now retreating from the shore, but will shortly return with redoubled force, and what and who will be swept away and what will be left standing is anyone's guess.

Per usual, America's intelligence agencies on which $60 billion a year is lavished, or $200 for every man, woman and child in the U.S., have given zero benefit to the American citizenry in anticipating events in the North African Magreb, as the CIA along with America's 15 other federal intelligence agencies were completely blindsided by events, if public information is to be believed. If any comfort can be had in this, it is the fact that America's favorite bête noire, al Qaida, much less other Islamic fundamentalists such as the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt, were apparently caught flatfooted as well.

As "Beltwayistan" frantically tries to conceptualize events in North Africa now threatening the larger Muslim world, Washington's pundit class has tried a number of insta-definitions to explain events.

First, it was an "Arab' thing. Secondly, a "Muslim' thing, where dark forces, epitomized by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida lurking in the wings, were standing poised to hijack events and turn Egypt and now Libya into an Islamic state, with de facto hostility to the West and in particular, towards America's client state Israel, threatening the 1979 Camp David accords.

To use an American English cliché, the "bottom line" is that what's happened in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya represent an ominous turn for Western (read American) interests in the Middle East. Like a Greenland glacier weakened by global warming, the Middle East system of stability carefully crafted by Western interest focused on the region's energy reserves over the last 50 years has begun suddenly to fracture and crumble, and what will replace it is uncertain at best.

In reality, complex as the origins for the North African unrest are, major aspects of them are simply incomprehensible to American GS-17 "specialists" in Washington earning six-figure salaries, along with the hordes of denizens of the Dilbert cubicles cloistered in the NSA's Fort Meade and the CIA's Langley environs, sifting through the massive amounts of data hoovered in each day by the Echelon intelligence network.

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