Leuthold Weeden launches Leuthold Global Clean Technology & Leuthold Hedged Equity mutual funds

July 25th, 2009
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Leuthold Weeden Capital Management has launched two new mutual funds: the Leuthold Global Clean Technology Fund and the Leuthold Hedged Equity Fund.

The Global Clean Technology Fund, as its name implies, will invest in global stocks that fall into four subcategories: alternative energy, resource conservation, clean water, and clean environment. Both growth stocks and value stocks will be represented. The fund is managed by founder and chief investment officer Steve Leuthold along with Eric Bjorgen. Mr. Bjorgen is a senior analyst at the Leuthold Group, LLC.

The Leuthold Hedged Equity Fund will “generally try to maintain equal weightings of gross long exposure and gross short exposure.” The stocks in this mutual fund will have certain requirements as well, such as having high liquidity and a favorable Vulnerability Index. For stocks on short exposure, the fund will likely use strategies from Mr. Leuthold’s Grizzly Short Fund.
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Related People: Andrew J. Engel; Chun Wang; David Kurzman; Doug Ramsey; Eric C. Bjorgen; Greg Swenson; James Floyd; Jeff Leadholm; John C. Mueller; Matt Paschke; Steve Leuthold
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