CSX vs. Children's Investment Fund Update

May 27th, 2008
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Railroad company CSX is suing The Children's Investment Fund and 3G Capital Partners for not disclosing their interest in the company. The two hedge funds were able to get around the 13D rule which states that you must disclose your holding once you have more than 5% of a company by a series of swaps with investment banks. This allowed the funds to accumulate more of the company without raising any alarm or sparking a hike in the share price. CSX argues that this was just a clever way of scamming the system and forcing an unwanted proxy battle. It is now up to the courts to decide.
For Detailed Investor Profiles on these Investors, click below:
3G Capital Management
The Children's Investment Fund Mgmt
Related People: Chris Hohn; Cory Bailey; Marc Mezvinsky; Pavel Begun
Related Entities: 3G Capital Partners LP; Children's Investment Master Fund; Childrens Investment Fund LP; Childrens Investment Fund Management (UK) LLP; Synergy Fund; TCI; The Children's Investment Fund; The Children's Investment Fund Foundation

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