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The growing problem with Performance Fees

Date: December 29th, 2014
Hedge funds’ performance fees are a key component of every fund’s Net Asset Valuation calculation. Since the economic crisis of 2008, hedge fund performance...

Is Activist Investing Just a Fad?

Date: December 19th, 2014
We’ve all heard this question with increasing frequency. It’s a logical and reasonable one, too, as assets pour into new and existing activist funds.

Laurent Constanty and Fabien Baetz to launch Reaching Value LLP hedge fund

Date: December 15th, 2014
Laurent Constanty and Fabien Baetz recently announced that they have formed Reaching Value LLP and are in the process of launching its flagship hedge...

New York Area Hedge Funds Amass $780 billion; Manhattan still the epicenter

Date: December 10th, 2014
HedgeTracker recently released its latest installment of the Top 100 New York Metro Area Hedge Funds list and D.E. Shaw & Co retains the top spot. D.E....

Largest Technology, Media & Telecom hedge funds manage $130 billion; Coatue Capital reclaims top spot from Lone Pine Capital

Date: December 8th, 2014
The latest Top Technology, Media and Telecom Hedge Fund list has been released, revealing that the top TMT Funds currently manage nearly $130 billion...

Top Healthcare & Biotech Hedge Funds manage $95 Billion, Glenview Capital reclaims crown as Viking Retreats

Date: December 4th, 2014
The most recent Top Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech Focused Hedge Fund list has been released, revealing that the top 50 funds now manage $95 billion in...

California’s Hedge Fund Gold Rush Stalls, Top Hedge Fund Assets fall just below $88 Billion

Date: December 2nd, 2014
The latest list of the Top Hedge Funds from California has been released, revealing that the list’s assets dipped by -0.5% quarter-over-quarter. Despite...

DE Shaw remains king; Renaissance and Icahn record double digit declines

Date: December 1st, 2014
DE Shaw maintains the top spot for another quarter in the latest edition of HedgeTracker’s Top U.S. Equity Hedge Fund List. DE Shaw’s growth of $486M,...

GLG Partners names Neil Mason as Manager of its European Hedge Fund

Date: November 14th, 2014
Neil Mason, formerly of BlueCrest Capital Management, is said to be GLG Partners’ pick to manage its $3 billion European equities hedge fund. According...

Soo Kim and David Glazek’ Standard General Out to Fix Radio Shack & American Apparel

Date: November 8th, 2014
After more than seven years of operating in relative obscurity, Standard General LP, a deep value focused hedge fund started by two former Och-Ziff Capital...

Ziad Tabet, Jabre Capital veteran, to Launch Event-Driven focused Amakor Capital Management

Date: November 7th, 2014
Internal sources have revealed plans by former Jabre Capital hedge fund manager, Ziad Tabet, to launch a new Europe-focused, event-driven hedge fund....

Graduates of Top MBA Programs Sold $2.5 billion of Stock during Q3

Date: November 6th, 2014
During the market’s strong third quarter, graduates from the top MBA programs capitalized on the opportunity by trimming their stock holdings, raising...

David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital Reopens Gates to Existing and New Investor Capital

Date: October 31st, 2014
Hedge fund giant, Greenlight Capital has announced its intention to begin raising capital again after a two year hiatus. According to Bloomberg News,...

Leland Lim & Allan Bedwick’s recently launched Guard Capital Gains 11% in September

Date: October 27th, 2014
Hong Kong-based Guard Capital, a macro hedge firm launched in August, rocketed to the top of its peer group with an 11 percent gain in September. As reported...

Israel Englander’s Millennium Management goes on a Commodities Hiring Spree

Date: October 27th, 2014
Millennium Management LLC has made a series of high profile hires recently. According to Bloomberg, the hiring spree is supporting Israel Englander’s...

Top Small-Cap Focused Hedge Funds are up 14.4 percent year-to-date; Largest Funds both like Auxilium Pharmaceuticals

Date: October 22nd, 2014
The Top 50 Small-Cap focused hedge funds now manage $28.8 billion in small-cap assets. Overall, the top Small-Cap hedge funds oversee $40.8 billion in...

Top New York Hedge Funds Accumulate nearly $100 billion Year-to-Date, with Assets surging by 12.1%

Date: October 20th, 2014
The Top 200 New York Area Hedge Funds continue to have strong momentum, having seen their assets grow by $97.2 billion or 12.1% year-to-date. Combined,...

Top 200 Hedge Funds continue strong 2014 run – up nearly 8% in the second quarter

Date: October 4th, 2014
The Top 200 U.S. Equity Hedge Fund recorded another strong quarter, seeing growth of almost 8%. Assets managed by the top 200 totaled nearly $1.2B, more...

AQR Capital, Lone Pine & Viking Global lead Largest Connecticut Hedge Funds past $174 billion mark

Date: September 29th, 2014
The rankings for the Top Connecticut Hedge Funds have been released, revealing that the top 50 hedge funds oversee a combined $174 billion in equity assets....

The rise of Corvex Management – Corvex remains #1 on top 75 Emerging Hedge Fund Manager list

Date: September 26th, 2014
The Top 75 U.S. Equity Emerging Hedge Fund Managers now manage almost $90 billion in U.S. equity assets, according to the latest hedge fund industry report.

Top performing Healthcare & Biotech Hedge Funds share convictions for top stock opportunities

Date: September 22nd, 2014
A recent analysis of the top long-term performing Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech Hedge Funds has revealed that the top funds share a number of the same...

Leading Healthcare & Biotech Hedge Funds surge 64% quarter-over-quarter, powered by Newcomers

Date: September 21st, 2014
The most recent Top 50 Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Focused Hedge Fund list has been released, revealing that the top hedge funds now...

Top performing TMT Hedge Funds agree on two things: Comcast and Netflix

Date: September 15th, 2014
A recent analysis of the top five long-term performing Technology, Media & Telecom Hedge Funds has revealed that the top funds have taken a special liking...

12.3% YTD growth for largest Technology, Media & Telecom hedge funds; Lone Pine and Coatue Capital claim top spots

Date: September 14th, 2014
The latest Top Technology, Media and Telecom Hedge Fund list has been released, revealing that the top TMT Funds currently manage nearly $146 billion...

TFS Capital Remains Relevant Amid New Competition, Changing Market Conditions

Date: September 9th, 2014
TFS Capital, an employee-owned independent advisory firm that provides portfolio management services to investment funds, today announced the 10-year...

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